JUST IN: Hannity Censored After This “Explosive” News on FISA Memo: “This should shock every American” [Video] #ReleaseTheMemo

Liberals are trying to control what Americans think and hear by censorship on social media and the ‘missing’ Hannity Twitter account is proof.

Currently the country in majorly divided over events surrounding the 2016 presidential election. Democrats claimed Russian collusion, voter fraud, and basically every excuse they could find to bash President Trump. Liberals demanded the release of Trump’s tax return, aired an unsavory clip of the President having a private locker room conversation, and even went as far as to report on Barron Trump’s personality being that of an autistic child.

Now, however, the left is singing a very different tune as republicans call for the release of a damning memo. National security is now a concern where it hasn’t been on the liberal radar for months as they attempted to de-seat the president.

Last night Fox News’ Sean Hannity hosted an epic report with #releasethememo being the main topic, now Hannity’s much used Twitter account has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. In reality we all know that liberals didn’t like what he had to say and have once again decided to abuse their power and silence a voice that the people want to hear! The Hannity show is #1 in tv ratings for a reason, the country wants the truth, not a censored version of the truth deemed acceptable by the left.


Sean Hannity, Tom Fitton and Sara Carter were on fire last night (see video below) with information regarding the corruption at the DOJ and FBI. It was so huge that Sean Hannity’s twitter account disappeared after the show: Was this another “glitch”? Was Hannity hacked?

Sara Carter tells that the memo will be released mid-week next week and is a “small piece to this puzzle”. There’s so much more in this segment that’s revealed about next week…

Watch Here: