Trump Stops Pittsburg Factory Tour, What He Says Next Left Media Speechless

Kirsters Baish| President Trump recently visited Pennsylvania for a short visit to the H&K Equipment factory. This factory has been benefitting greatly from President Trump’s new economy. The company has also been promoting Republican Rick Saccone, President Trump’s choice in the coming special election.

President and owner of H&K Equipment George Koch spoke to CBS about how the visit occurred.

Koch explained “We got a call from the White House, asked if we’d like to host the president” and called it an “enormous honor.”

2017 was the company’s best year in history, so it’s no wonder that President Trump picked the plant. Koch has explained that he has expectations that next year will be even better thanks to the GOP tax law.

Koch explained, “We have gone from four employees when we started to more than 300, and our revenues continue to grow. We feel he’s great for the economy and great for a company like us.”

President Trump spent time on the tour and then met with the media. What he said on camera shocked the entire world. President Trump began to explain something that the media will never report on because they are not honest.

“We have 2.2 million jobs since the election. The unemployment rate is now at an 18 year low, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits just hit a 45 year low. African American unemployment is at its lowest level ever recorded. Female unemployment is at the lowest level in 17 years. Hispanic American unemployment has hit its all-time lows – lowest ever. Pension and retirement accounts are rising as the stock market smashes records.”

Then President Trump said something that left the media without words.

“We keep it up like this we will win a lot of elections. It’s the economy, stupid.”

That’s all it took for Trump to stun the media.

President Trump is completely right. If the GOP continues on this road, our economy will keep growing and Trump will easily win the election in 2020.